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Analytics Guru have the answers to your website traffic questionsBy understanding some key metrics we can help you understand:

  • Whether your site is structured to make the buying process easy
  • How your site is functioning
  • Are you offering the correct products or information?
  • Are you drawing in new customers?
  • Are you retaining your existing customers?

When we have the answers to the above we can then help you act to ensure you maximise your chances of success.

E-commerce sites

If you have an e-commerce site then you will want to know which products visitors view, how long they viewed them for, and how far each visitor progresses through the purchasing process.

How effective is the e-mail marketing campaign you’ve been running? You HAVE been running one now haven’t you? Or was it one of those things you were going to get around to do when you have time?

What percentages of site visitors buy something? Have they bought something before? Are your visitors and future customers abandoning their shopping carts, if so, at which point and why?

Is it easy for visitors to your site to find what they're looking for and then become customers?

You have a site full of products available to buy, which ones are the most popular? Are these the ones that are most prominent on the home page? Are these the ones that you really want to sell?

We believe we can help you take the guesswork out of what is happening on your website and help you make your site the most cost effective selling arm of your business.
The essence of Web metrics for most e-commerce sites is determining how effective the site is at converting visits into sales.

Let Analytics Guru help you to do this.

Content based Sites

Many people believe that if you are not an e-commerce site then the need to understand what is happening is not as great. We believe they are wrong.

A company with a content based Web site may well rely on ad revenues and will have a number of very important reasons to understand exactly what is happening on their site.

The number of Visitors, The number of pages each visitor views, the amount of time spent on each page are all important metrics to understand. Most content sites are looking to retain a loyal customer following. If this to happen, navigation, layout, design, and relevant interesting content will be key to success.

So how will you tell if your site is easy to navigate, if the layout is good, whether it is well designed or even whether the content that you are spending hours writing or worse still buying in is read at all?

By measuring unique and repeat visitors, looking at time spent on pages and content, and examining page path analysis we can help you understand whether your visitors are finding what they want easily, and are happy with what they are reading. When you know what they want, you can give them more of the same, increasing the number of new visitors to the site, ensuring a loyal readership base. You can stop wasting time and money on content that people are not interested in and keep those people who are placing ads on your site happy.

Whether you have an e-commerce site or a content site you will already be receiving visitors somehow from somewhere. Understanding exactly where may be a key factor in your success or failure. Knowing this can help you identify who links to your site and why.

At Analytics Guru we believe in working with you to address all your needs to ensure that your web presence is all you want it to be.

We can evaluate your needs and requirements, provide unbiased advise on which analytical tool suits your needs and budget. We can advise you on implementation of the chosen tool or do the implementation for you. We can help you analyse your data and findings, advise you on what you should do to act on the data you have gathered or provide a full report with recommendations for you to act upon.

Contact one of our experts to give you more information

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