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Data Analysis Offering

Analyse your website traffic with Analytics Guru Sometimes, you want the answers but really don’t have the time or resource to get the most out of your Web Analytics tool. Just like most software, you are probably only using 50% of its true capability. You still want improvements in your online business, and you want them quickly. In a nutshell, you want the benefits but you don’t have the time to do the work.

Fine, Let us do the work for you.

Analytics Guru will analyse your data, prepare a report, and make recommendations on how to improve your online business from the information we have gleaned. We will use our Web Team to help you visualise how your pages should look to optimise your sales or performance.

Our analysis will cover all aspects of information you need as an organisation to support or improve your business decision making.

Our Analysis will include:

  • Reports to address specific questions you have
  • In-depth Comparative analysis to identify trends
  • Identification of the Strengths and weaknesses of your online business
  • Identification of opportunities
  • Recommendations for improvement

It will be our aim to do a thorough analysis from your data and give you the level of detail you require to make insightful decisions to improve your offering.

If you want the answers without doing the hard work yourself then contact us right now!

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