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Implementation of your web analytics packageSo, you’ve chosen your Web Analytical software, it’s there in front of you, sat in the box. A month later it’s now out of the box but still on the desk.

One of the big problems when implementing a Web Analytics package is finding the time and resource needed to actually get the job done.

Technical “buy in” to web analytic implementations is rare- after all, they will see no real benefit, just an opportunity for pain and a need to learn about more software and all the problems that brings.

There is often push back from system admin, especially if this new software sits on the web server, marketing want reports without spending the time creating them and the board are only interested in the bottom or top line figures.

The simple plug and play software you were sold by the salesman is anything but that.

Analytics Guru specialise in technical installations and implementations of Web analytics packages. This wont be the first time we’ve done this, it will be the 100th + time.

We already know the type of reports your marketing team are likely to need, We know how to overcome those little technical hitches that always seem to happen and we can have you up and running your new analytics package enabling you to start using it for the purpose it was intended.

If your install or implementation is taking longer than you expected or you don’t have the resource available then contact us and let the experts work for you.

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