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Analytics Guru project management servicesSometimes, with all the will in the world you just don’t have the time, resource or skills to source, organise, install and implement a Web Analytics solution. You know it will be Key to improving your business success but it’s just too far from either what you know or what you are good at.

There may be internal politics involved, pushback from various departments, internal selling still to be done. Somebody needs to take ownership of the project and all that it entails. When you look around your company at the available personnel and they all duck down below their desks it may well be wise to consider employing an external project manager.

Our project managers have been involved in project management for a number of years. We believe that we should work with your team, become part of your culture but be disciplined enough to cut through the politics that affect many software and hardware deployments. We adopt a flexible methodology aimed at ensuring services match the specific needs of each of our clients.

We will help you decide which is the best solution for your environment, work out the time and resource needed to implement the solution and then ensure that all relevant staff are geared towards making the solution a success through training and support. We believe in building good relations and communication channels with suppliers on your behalf and ensuring that service level agreements are established and in place. Our aim to ensure the project is implemented on time and within budget.

Projects of this nature have an enormous impact on the whole organisation at different times. Whilst the many benefits of such a project have invariably been considered it is not so straightforward to realise the difficulties and frustrations that can occur. We can help to identify and manage the potential difficulties in addition to ensuring the benefits are realised. It is unfortunately true that software suppliers will promise the earth in order to secure a new customer – it is not a good thing but has become the norm in this industry. Using Analytics Guru from the outset of the project, as an independent mediator, we are able to ensure much more realistic timescales, deadlines and development offers are provided.

Our ability to integrate within the organisation and work as part of the team rather than an external influencer enables the specialist to increase the effectiveness of the team whilst maintaining the edge that comes with a fresh outlook.

Following an initial meeting to discuss requirements, timescales, methodology and budget Analytics Guru will provide a proposal outlining the various components of the project and where our specialist could be used. These will be defined in terms of Stages. Each of the components within the stages can be customised allowing complete flexibility for our Clients.

Once a framework has been agreed a project plan will be employed to track progress and to provide a snapshot update at any given time. Frequency and detail of project updates and reports will be agreed with the Client.

In most cases there are usually 4 stages:

Stage 1 – Preparation

Assistance with Identifying Solutions
Review list of requirements, complete and agree a needs analysis sheet and help with comparing and contrasting systems so that a short list can be solutions can be produced.

Detailed analysis of current systems expected to integrate with the new solution.

Follow up on references and ensure appropriate site visits / demos / consultancy days are provided.

Develop & Agree Implementation Plan
Produce project plan and milestones that cover all aspects, procurement, implementation, testing, training, data conversion, development requirements, and support.

Stage 2 – Building the Solution

Assistance with specification of reporting requirements; integrated software and hardware requirements.

Assistance with the evaluation of chosen system.

Assistance with conducting user training needs analysis and implementing training programme.

Regular liaisons with the supplier to ensure deadlines are met.

Stage 3 – Implementation

Implement agreed action plans to defined timescales.

Assistance with User Acceptance testing; recording and reporting issues; obtaining ‘bug’ fixes; ensuring a stable platform before Go Live.

Work as part of the installation team for Go Live – covers: training, data conversion; reporting and sanity checks.

Assistance with training requirements and co-ordination.

Stage 4 – Monitor, Evaluate, Project Handover

Ensure implementation meets requirements specified; identify further requirements; ensure handover to support; assistance implementing support processes and procedures.

Produce project sign off; documentation; presentation as required.

If you believe your company could do with some professional outside help to ensure your project succeeds then contact us now.

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